Liquid Crystal Vision

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LCV provides beautiful graphics that are created in the Liquid Crystal laboratories. A live mix of sacred symbols, fractals, 3D animation, numerology, interactive computer programs, and live performance art creates real trip-visuals. BOOKING

. 200kbs Liquid Crystal Visuals @ BOOM2002 200kbs "Byon Tweaked "by Omananda
200kbs "Sonic Ghazal" music video by LCV.200kbs - VJ sample blendo.200kbs single VJ layer of Justin Tsujin fire spinning 200kbs "Sneaky Lizzard"
200kbs animated Health and Harmony logo 41kbs single VJ layer  "Tunnel" by Tantric Demon 200kbs: "Manyarmed" by Omananda 200kbs Monique @ GG, filmed and edited by Omananda