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Torsten Klimmer aka Omananda is a multifaceted receptive and creative individual. His fascination with visual art began early in life. He got into black & white photography and creative writing at the age of 7! By expressing himself through various art forms, such as drawing, painting, poetry, sculpting, music, acting, and dancing, he became increasingly aware of the infinite realms that lie beyond imagination. Torsten traveled more than 16 years. He developed a profound mystical understanding. When his talent for moving pictures was discovered, he began filming heavily, learning through trial and error. He usually carried a 35mm photo camera, a digital video camera, a DAT recorder, and microphones on his journeys. He is a producer, director, editor, camera man, film maker, and VJ - all in one person. In Liquid Crystal Vision his intuitive cat-style-videography and superb editing fashion that identify his unique style found its full self-expression. You can read about his involvment in the film! Torsten can be booked as a VJ. He has an incredible talent of mixing magical graphics live.