Liquid Crystal Vision Liquid Crystal Vision

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In Tokyo - spring 2000 Torsten Klimmer received a cosmic vision to create a mystical film. He had already collected a lot of stunning footage on his travels that could be used to build parts of this film. Before Torsten moved to London, where he joined forces with Billy Rood, he interviewed interesting people in San Francisco. When he arrived in Brixton, a lot of work had to be done. Many hours of video needed to be sorted and the basic outline of the film had to be conceptualized. Torsten had the fundamental idea and inspiration of the film. He filmed most of it and edited about 80 % of it. The film-making process took roughly 8 month. Many technical obstacles were removed in that periode. Torsten literally worked 16 hrs every day, falling asleep on the rendering machine and waking up the next morning, just to continue where he had left off. After the film was done, he took it to California, where he final mastered the sound with Rob Rayle. Final production and titles were done with the help of Nathan Vogel. Eventually Liquid Crystal Vision was exported out of the Avid and encoded to DVD with the help of Dave Carp. Torsten can be booked as an editor, or project coordinator to work on your film.

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