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A Saddhu gives an initiatory explanation about a mystical dance ritual that has its roots in India, but spread all over the world today. Followed by Raja Ram from Shpongle, the Infinity Project, and the Yeti, who gives an explanation about healing and higher consciousness, magnificent images of carved Apsaras and Monks in Angkor Wat (Cambodia) flash by. A beautiful dancer is moving to the rhythm of the music while a holy man from India gives a great description of the mystical state. Famous musicians and key figures of the scene explain scientifically what it all means to them. Gregory Sams articulates how people have their own spiritual experiences when going into trance. Famous Youth from Killing Joke expains how it all started years ago in Goa. Through a 3-D visual gate the film changes drastically into a part that is called: "Globalization". Pagans sing magical songs at the historical opening on summer solstice in Stonehenge, before the imagery blows the audience away with a mind-expanding interview of Alex Grey! A visual interlude of 3-D graphics leads to Dr. Spook, who says exactly what the filmmakers are trying to get across to the public! Images of people wildly dancing to undomesticated drumming rhythms with sculptures of burning skulls and a Shaman talking to the audience brings us to the legendary musicians of System 7, who explain in incredible detail how sound is used in the music to manipulate brainwaves and to entrain people. LCV goes backwards as it comes towards the ending, because it's created as a geometrical fractal, so sounds begin to repeat and characters come back to finish their story. Various individuals explain what effect partying has on them. This gives the viewer a feeling of how great the unity experience really is! LCV tells us that the visions experienced during the mystical experience have to be integrated into daily life to really have a lasting effect! The final rap is to a live set of Banco de Gaia, where a fire spinner is projected onto the oldest Buddhist temple in Laos. Suddenly, the film turns backwards at light speed until it reaches the first image of the film, where the final question is asked!