Liquid Crystal Vision

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Liquid Crystal Vision was inspired by the controversy of the incredible magic experienced during the psychedelic experience and the false knowledge in the general public about psychedelic drugs.

Shamans, Pagans and Mystics used sacred medicines in ritual all over the world for centuries to communicate with higher forces. Psychedelics have the ability to wake people up to the fundamental truth of life. They can induce a deep mystical understanding and inspire a spiritual evolution in human beings when used in the right environment with proper guidance!

The filmmakers believe that through the use of entheogenic substances one can find liberation from the "known"! Anthropological studies suggest that most of our religions originated from a mystical experience that was most likely induced by the ingestion of psychedelic plants, such as mushrooms, cacti, fungi etc. Psychedelics can create blissful feelings when used and not abused! In the Vedic text (Sanskrit writings) it is suggested that union with GOD can be achieved through psychedelic drugs as well.

Unfortunately even today the world is still ruled by power, money, ignorance, and greed, instead common sense, love, and wisdom! Governments control the media that spreads bogus propaganda to support unreasonable laws - just to brainwash the taxpayer and consumer population. This creates global turmoil, destruction and religious wars that need to end NOW! It is overtime for a mystical evolution that brings global unity! Time to be honest and truthful! Time to transcend differences, time to celebrate beauty! Eat a mushroom and dance. To prohibit self-discovery is madness! This is why Liquid Crystal Vision was created!