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Nathan Vogel is a VJ, DJ, and graphics animator that not only mastered programs like Maya and many others. He is the co-writer of the Maya 2.0 Character Animation Book published by New Riders. With Minds Eye Media he specialized in 7 years of high End multimedia production from critically acclaimed Enhanced CDs for triple Platinum Bands, to Stage Visuals for Rock n Roll Legend Joe Satriani, to internationally award winning music video for underground Electronica legend Young American Primitive, to hot corporate 3D/Promotional Videos for Award winning Software/Hardware Products, to MTV Graphics for 1998 International Music Awards… Nathan has always been on the cutting edge of digital media production, pioneering new methods to blast away conventionality. Nathan created the intro graphic in Liquid Crystal Vision and helped Torsten to redo the titles of the film. He was NOT part of the Liquid film team until after the film was already completed! That's why he is interviewed in the film and the real film makers of LCV (Torsten and Billy) are not.