Liquid Crystal Vision

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Billy drew the symbol of Liquid Crystal Vision years ago into a black light active backdrop. When Liquid Crystal Vision became a reality, the filmmakers were in search of a cosmic symbol that expressed the infinite love vibrations on which the project was founded. When Torsten saw the back drop in Billy's room, he asked him if this symbol could possibly be used for Liquid Crystal Vision. An original art piece that was a mixture of Billy's fractal genious and Escher's syrealness, expressing divine qualities would perfectly describe the essence of LCV. For the re-creation in 3-D, technical limitations had to be removed though! For example; scanning the ORIGINAL from a photograph of the backdrop was simply not possible. It had to be re-created in 3-D to be properly used. Billy spend almost a week on the digital re-creation of the symbol, puzzling it piece by piece patiently together!