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Billy Rood aka Tantric Demon is a fractal genius that sees life in terms of fractal animations. Figguring out mathematical, scientific calculations, he spends nights in front of computers, writing custom plug-ins that turn into beautiful 3-D graphics. Billy has edited videos for Cold Cut and The Infinity Project, collaborated with Dave Gilmour and Arthur C. Clarke on Nigel Lesmoir-Gordon's award-winning movie "Colors of Infinity". He has co-written and animated "Clouds are not Spheres: The life and times of a Maverick Mathematician". "Billy also co-authored "Introducing Fractal Geometry" that is a book explaining in scientific detail anything about the origin of the fractal. Tanric Demon is one of the most original VJ's in London. You can book Billy as a VJ for a live event, or have him create you graphics! In Liquid Crystal Vision he collaborated with Torsten in all possible ways to produce a mind-altering film. Read about Billy's involvement in the film! WebPages:

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