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Liquid Crystal Vision
is a PRODUCTION company that specializes in music video's, documentaries, and mulitimedia events. LCV networks with a community of artists, but was founded by: Billy Rood & Torsten Klimmer

Torsten had the basic concept & vision to make this film, while Billy provided the editing facilities, and graphic skills to complement the Omananda video.

Filmmakers, Directors & Editors: Torsten Klimmer & Billy Rood

Computer Animation: TantricDemon(~80%), Dr. Spook(~10%), and Rogue Design (10%) Omananda (5%)

Visual & Sound Design, Imaging & Camera: Omananda

Editing, Surround Sound & Bonus Track on DVD: Aaron Peacock=Ocelot

Final Sound Mastering: Rob Rayle & Omananda

DVD Encoding: Accessvideoproductions

Cover Art: Cyril

Technical Web Design: PSD7 Vision & Content: Torsten Klimmer
Word Editing: W.Penna Graphic: Dr. Spook

Performance Artists: Merlin, Angel, Monique, Sheila. Justin, and Alyce