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Billy Rood meet Torsten Klimmer in Goa many years ago. The talk between the two about the possibility of making a film together had been there for some time. Torsten finally arrived in Brixton with a lot of stock footage in the year 2000. When both of them harmoniously united they were capable of channeling a mystical vibration into a great film. Billy did not only have the technical and mental capabilities to CO-produce a film like Liquid Crystal Vision, but he also provided a house and the equipment that made it possible to digi-wizzard. Billy and Torsten interviewed a few people in London together. They both created the story line with magical properties. Billy is extremely talented when it comes to visual art. He created most of the 3-D graphics used in LCV. He also rough-edited 2 parts of the film: Globalization and Goa-Youth. Billy can be booked as a VJ for live events.

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